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Our Leadership and Staff

Here to Guide You

The commitment of the staff and leadership at Christ Church Chatham is at the heart of what makes us a living, thriving church. They are dedicated to serving the community and strengthening the impact of our church on people’s lives.

Church Woman

Jamie Lane

Head Clergyperson

A passionate speaker and an inspirational spiritual guide, Jamie Lane plays a vital part of our church. They are especially attuned to connecting with youth and new members, helping them find their place in our congregation.

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Max Johnson

Associate Clergyperson

Max Johnson has been inspiring our community since joining the congregation in 2000. They bring a wealth of experience and energy to the church and all of our activities.

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Jesse Neimus

Choir Director

Jesse Neimus is responsible for encouraging and maintaining our church’s culture by being an active leader in our ever-growing community. As our Choir Director, they play a crucial role in the spiritual life at Christ Church Chatham.

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